Deodorant 50ml


Sweat is supposed to be smelless. But after sweating, body in high temperature makes bacteria live easily. When sweat meets bacteria, bad smell happens. Most of the deodorant products in market is commonly made with aluminium salt. When aluminium salt absorbs the sweat, it will expand and block up sudoriferous glands to stop sweating. However, it may cause bacteria infection or inflammation in hair follicles. Some foreign reports stated that the products with aluminium salt may cause risk to suffer from breast cancer. And some products made with artifical perfums do not focus on anti-bacteria. They are not effective to control bad smell of sweating. Also they may cause the allergy.

“Deodorant” is made with rich essential oil contents. Tea tree and Rosemary essential oil are anti-bacteria to control the bad smell. Cypress and Geranium can balance the secretion of sweating. This formula of deodorant will not affect detoxing of body and will not block the hair follicles. Scent is fresh. Do not include dimethicone, alcohol, SLS, mineral oil. Made with natural ingredients.


Roll on the areas if need.

Sutiable for all kinds of skin.
Warnings: Not suitable for pregnancy /G6DP /Child.

Main ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Rosemary essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Cypress essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Rosewood essenital oil, Geranium essential oil