Collagen Vitamin Toner -Peppermint Formula (Serious Acne Skin /Rosacea Suitable)


“Collagen Vitamin Toner” is using Peppermint to make. This formula can soothen redness and burns. It has function of anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory. It is good for serious acne skin, skin with sun burn and rosacea.

It contains vitamin B3 and B5 that are intensively giving moisture to skin. Its papaya extract ingredient can soften the deaded skin which is more easily to be removed by using cotton pad. Do not include dimethicone, alcohol, SLS, mineral oil. Made with natural ingredients.

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Method 1: After cleaning face, take proper amount to wet the cotton pad and mask onto face. When cotton pad becomes less wet, then remove the pad.
Method 2: Take amount around the size of 50 cents, apply onto face in morning and night.
Method 3: Wet the cotton pad and wipe the face to remove the dirt and dead skin.

Suitable for serious acne skin / skin with sun burn /rosacea.
Warnings: Not suitable for pregnancy /G6DP.

Main ingredients: Peppermint hydrosol, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Collagen, Papaya Extract