Apple Stem Cell Firming Mask 50ml


“Apple Stem Cell Firming Mask” is made with below valuable ingredients.

Based on the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple called Uttwiler Spätlauber that derives from a seedling planted in the middle of the18th century. Uttwiler Spätlauber is an endangered apple variety that is well-known for its ability to be stored for long periods without shrivelling and thus its longevity potential. The apples are rich in phytonutrients, proteins and long-living cells. A novel technology has now been developed enabling the cultivation of rare and endangered species like Uttwiler Spätlauber. “Apple stem cells” can be obtained and incorporated into skin care products to enhance the longevity of skin cells. Not only does it protect the skin’s own stem cells but has been shown to have excellent age-delaying and anti-wrinkle properties, against the damage from UV, controlling melanin pigment, fading freckles and repairing skin cell.

“Ceramide” improves skin protection barrier to minimize the moisture loss. Increase self-protection against foreign irritation.
The high percentage of “Hyaluronic acid” content provides moisture speedy to skin.
“Elderberry extract” has the function of firming aged skin.
“Frankincese essential oil” improves wrinkles and fine lines.
“Rosewood essential oil” regenerates the skin cell growth. It has good moisturizing and wrinkle resistence functions.
Do not include dimethicone, alcohol, SLS, mineral oil. Made with natural ingredients.

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After cleansing, apply proper amount onto face /neck for 5-10minutes with hand massage /cyrstal tool /electro facial tool. Massage and uplift face for 5 minutes. Rinse.

Suitable for all types of skin.

Main ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Glycerie, Ceramide, Elderberry extract, Apple stem cell extract, Frankincense essential oil, Rosewood essential oil