Face Cream (Normal /Combined Skin) 30ml


Provide the suitable nourishing level according to the season (Dec to Feb Winter formula; Mar to May Spring formula; June to Aug Summer formula; Sept to Nov Autumn formula)

Adopt Geranium essential oil which balance the oil secretion and improve the obvious pores. Mulberry can whiten and moisturize skin. It can soothen the skin after sun burn. Pomegranate has rich content of anthocyanidin and polyphenol that have anti-oxidant function. Mildly improve the wrinkles and fine lines. Reduce aging problem and moisture loss. Facilitate the growth of collagen and regenerate the skin cell. Do not include dimethicone, alcohol, SLS, mineral oil. Made with natural ingredients.

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After using "Collagen Vitamin Toner", "Moisture Raise Intense Hydrator" and "Face Essence", apply "Face Cream" around the amount of 10 to 50 cents onto face.

Sutiable for neutral /combinated skin.

Main ingredients: Mulberry extract, Pomegranate extract, Geranium essential oil