Eye Cream -Low Nourshing Level 10ml


Skin around eyes are very weak and delicate compared to other areas of skin. Some people are easily having small fat granules if apply eye cream, while some people have very dry skin with fine lines around eyes. To fit for different types of skin, we provide 3 nourishing levels of “Eye cream”.

Several active natural ingredients are adopted like “Arnica infused oil” which improves the circulation and black circles; “Green tea extract” which is for anti-oxidant function to solve the accumulation of melanin pigment; “Frankincese essential oil” which is for wrinkle resistence; “Witch hazel extract” which improves the edema of eyebags. Do not include dimethicone, alcohol, SLS, mineral oil. Made with natural ingredients.


Take proper amount to apply onto the skin around eyes.

This is the lowest nourishing level with fresh touch and it seldom causes fat granules.
Suitable for neutral /oily skin.

Main ingredients: Rice bran oil, Arnica infused oil, Witch hazel extract, Green tea extract, Frankincense essential oil